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RF and mmW Applications

RF and mmW Applications

MPI Definition

Wafer level RF and mmW characterization is a critical part of RF and microwave IC’s development, design debug and modeling of modern high-performance semiconductor devices.


Due to the high complexity and specific requirements to the wafer-level  integrations of the RF instrumentation  such as VNA, frequency extenders,  automated impedance tuners, couplers, Bias-Ts and many other system components, MPI pays a very special attention to this application segment targeting the best possible measurement accuracy.

Major Requirements

It includes small- and large-signal measurements, S-parameters, source and load pull impedance matching for RF power and RF noise characterization. These applications challenge the system for its high mechanical stability, shortest signal path, highest directivity of measurements, repeatable and consistent contact  performance on various DUT pad metallization types and over time, as well as accurate system RF calibration down to the DUT terminals.

MPI Solutions

The rigid MPI Engineering Probe Systems are the ideal choice for RF and mmW measurement applications. The compact footprint ideally fits to the requirements of integration with complex RF power and Noise characterization systems. Accurate and back-lash free RF MicroPositioners provide precise positioning of the RF probes.

The dedicated designed probe system TS150-THZ, the high-end mm-wave MP80 MicroPositioner and the single-tube MPI SZ10 or MZ12 microscopes with unique combination of high magnification and long working distance Optics enable integrating the mmW and sub-mmW VNA frequency extenders closest possible to the DUT, for the shortest signal path and guaranteeing best possible measurement directivity and accuracy.

MPI TITAN™ RF Probe Series with its unique design and MEMS manufactured tips provide unique visibility,  low resistance and high consistency of the contact even on hard to probe Aluminum pads.

Pioneering  QAlibria® calibration software and verified Calibration Substrates realize industry-standard and advanced calibration methods, as well as the metrological-level RF calibration solutions.