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FCB Probe Card

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The FCB Probe Card is the most mature technology of buckling beam probe card. It is aimed to achieve the semiconductor ship manufacture time-to-market (TTM) and cost of test (COT) demand. FCB is a proven solution for a variety of semiconductor production tests from early engineering pilot-runs to high volume manufacturing (HVM). FCB is ready for device requiring high signal integrity probing (SI) and/or power integrity probing (PI). Applications include cutting-edge SiPs/SoCs, WLP, graphic processors, micro processor, industrial microcontrollers, and more. FCB guarantees the world’s best overall cost-of-ownership (COO) for various DUT applications.

FCB Key Features

  • Mature buckling beam
  • Available in both flat and pointed tip
  • Adapted for bond pad patterns such as full array, semi-array, peripheral and staggered chip pattern
  • Provide cost-effective solution for mass production
  • Compatible with MPI in-house substrates