Qualcomm Builds 5G Ecosystem in Taiwan Enabling Taiwan Supply Chain Access to 5G Economic Benefits

A03A00 P 05 01Roawen Chen, Qualcomm’s Senior Vice President of Manufacturing Technology and Operations.
(Image Source: Qualcomm)


The American enterprise Qualcomm held a groundbreaking ceremony for their new building on June 27th, 2019. The 5G technical laboratory officially launched its strategic planning in Taiwan to bolster the overall technical strength of Qualcomm in Taiwan. This effort will surely strengthen Qualcomm’s cooperation with Taiwan’s supply chain. It is expected that Qualcomm’s 5G business will experience rapid growth also benefiting the participating partners.


Chi-mai Chen, Vice Premier of the Executive Yuan, Yu-chin Hsu, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Chuan-neng Lin, Vice Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Mei-ying Huang, Chairperson of the Fair Trade Commission participated in the event. It is understood that Qualcomm spent a total of NT $5.5 billion to build the new structure, having an area of more than 7,270 square meters. Construction of the new building will be completed within two years, and is expected to be hold more than 1,000 employees.


In addition, Qualcomm’s Center for Operations, Manufacturing Engineering and Testing in Taiwan (COMET), the 5G Testing Laboratory, the Multimedia R&D Center, and the Mobile Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center will all be stationed in the new building. This is the first time that Qualcomm has constructed a new facility of this magnitude overseas without requiring rental space.


Roawen Chen, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing Technology and Operations of Qualcomm indicated that the construction of a new building in Taiwan’s Hsinchu Science Park means that the collaboration between Qualcomm and Taiwan’s ICT (information and communications technology) industry has marked a new milestone. S.T. Liew, Taiwan and South East Asia President of Qualcomm stated, “Qualcomm is devoted to working closely with Taiwanese industry in capturing global business opportunities. The company will continue to support the rapid development of Taiwan’s wireless communication and semiconductor ecosystem.”


It is also the first time for Qualcomm to showcase its 5G laboratory in Taiwan, including 5G radio frequency (RF) IC testing, 5G module lab, biometric recognition sensing advance center and millimeter wave advance center. The equipment of these labs and centers was installed in the new building during 1H19. It is expected that more than 100 engineers will be recruited, and the scale of Qualcomm’s Taiwan 5G laboratory will continue to expand.


The Hsinchu Science Park’s supply chain includes IC design houses, wafer foundry and testing, etc. Once in full swing, Qualcomm’s 5G efforts is expected to increase the orders for Taiwanese vendors.


As for the specific systems, besides purchasing test equipment from overseas vendors such as ADVANTEST, Qualcomm’s 5G Lab has also includes systems from MPI Corporation’s Advanced Semiconductor Test (AST) division. The lab is mainly for the testing of power amplifier (PA) chipsets with revenue benefits for all participants within Qualcomm’s 5G ecosystem.


Note: This press release is translated to English by MPI Corporation.

News Source: https://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20190628000234-260202?chdtv