MPI Corporation’s Advanced Semiconductor Test Division Joins Forces with Keysight Technologies as a Keysight Solutions Partner

Hsinchu, Taiwan – March 11, 2024 – MPI Corporation, a global leader in semiconductor testing solutions, is pleased to announce a landmark partnership with Keysight Technologies, a global innovation partner delivering market-leading design, emulation, and test solutions to help engineers develop and deploy faster. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for MPI’s Advanced Semiconductor Test (AST) Division, with the company being a formidable contender in the semiconductor test industry.


Fostering Innovation Through Strategic Collaboration

The strategic partnership between MPI Corporation’s Advanced Semiconductor Test (AST) Division and Keysight is built upon a foundation of mutual innovation, a focus on delivering customer-centric solutions, and a commitment to driving the semiconductor testing industry forward. By bringing together the collective expertise and resources of both organizations, the collaboration aims to set new benchmarks in semiconductor testing technologies.

“We are proud to partner with Keysight,” said Dr. Stojan Kanev, General Manager, MPI Corporation’s Advanced Semiconductor Test (AST) Division “This collaboration is a testament to the tireless efforts of our team and our relentless pursuit of excellence. Together, we are setting new standards in the industry, ensuring our customers have access to the most innovative and cost-effective testing solutions.”

“Today’s highly complex and more densely integrated chips make semiconductor testing more critical and challenging,” said Sheri Wenzel, VAR/MSSP Program Director at Keysight. “By harnessing the strength of both MPI and Keysight, we are well positioned to provide test solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of the semiconductor industry, today and in the future.”


Driving Innovation and Value in Semiconductor Testing

As part of the Keysight Solutions Partner program, MPI AST will leverage the strengths of both companies to deliver state-of-the-art solutions in the semiconductor test industry. This collaboration focuses on:

– Collaboration and Growth: Fostering a partnership that emphasizes collaborative growth and innovation to better serve the evolving needs of the semiconductor industry.

– Shared Expertise: Combining the expertise and resources of both organizations to offer unparalleled solutions that embody quality and excellence.

– Efficiency and Cost Reduction: Developing solutions aimed at improving testing efficiency and reducing operational costs for customers, without compromising on performance.


Targeting Key Technological Frontiers

This partnership strategically positions MPI AST and Keysight to lead advancements in critical market segments, including Device Characterization, RF and mmWave, Photonic Integrated Circuits, and High-Power Device Test. By joining forces, both companies commit to empowering the semiconductor industry with innovative solutions that address its most pressing challenges.


About MPI Corporation

Leveraging its foundation in 1995 and headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, MPI Corporation has emerged as a preeminent leader in the semiconductor testing arena, specializing in advanced sectors including RF mmWave, High Power Testing, and Device Characterization. As an innovator across five core business units Probe Card, Photonics Automation, Advanced Semiconductor Test, Thermal Test, and Celadon Systems, MPI delivers an expansive array of solutions. These range from pioneering probe card technologies and engineering probe systems to comprehensive testers, material handlers, thermal air stream systems, and cutting-edge Calibration and Test & Measurement software suites. Distinguished as the first probe card company listed on the Taipei Exchange (TPEx) in Taiwan, MPI’s dedication to nurturing talent and generating sustainable value underscores its dynamic approach to fostering breakthroughs. Positioned at the forefront of semiconductor testing, MPI’s expertise in critical areas like RF mmWave testing, high power testing, and silicon photonics solidifies its stature as an industry titan. With a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, Test Equipment Integration and a pursuit of excellence, MPI Corporation not only accelerates the semiconductor industry’s progress but also ensures our business partners and clients achieve unparalleled success in their specialized domains.

For further information, please contact:

Vince Mallette
Director of Global Sales and Marketing,
MPI Corporation
Advanced Semiconductor Test Division