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TS2000-HP –  Advanced High Power Solution

MPI TS2000-HP - 200 mm High Power Automated Probe System

MPI’s automated TS2000-HP provides reliable on-wafer high power device measurement over wide-temperature range and measurement capability up to 3 kV (triax) / 10 kV (coax) and 600 A (pulsed). Advanced ShielDEnvironment™ offers low-noise and shielded test environment.

Features & Benefits


Interlocked enabled safety light curtain to protect user from accidental high voltage shock by shutting down the instrument through interlock system.

The system has rear doors, protected by interlock as well in order to provide easy and convenient initial measurement set-up.

MPI TS2000-HP - Safety Light Curtain


MPI ShielDEnvironment™ is a high performance local environmental chamber providing excellent EMI- and light-tight shielded test environment for ultra-low noise, low capacitance measurements.

To prevent arcing between chuck and platen, TS2000-HP platen is specially designed with MPI advanced ArcShield™. 

MPI ShielDEnvironment™

High Voltage Probes (HVP)

Low leakage probes specially designed to withstand high voltage up to 10 kV (coaxial) and 3 kV (triaxial). Choice of various connectors options such as Keysight Triax/UHV, Keithley Triax/UHV, SHV or Banana.

MPI High Voltage Probe

High Current Probe (HCP)

High performance probes specially designed for on wafer measurement of high current up to 200 A (pulse). MPI multi-fingers high current probes are single piece construction to efficiently handle high current and provide low contact resistance.

MPI High Current Probe

Optional Anti-Arcing LiquidTray™

Specially designed anti-arcing LiquidTray™ can be used for arcing suppressing by simply place on the high power chuck surface. Wafers can be safely placed inside the tray to submerge in the liquid for arcing free high voltage test.

MPI Optional Anti-Arcing LiquidTray™

Hot/Cold Wafer Swaps at Set Temperatures

The automated single wafer loader and the safety test management provide a unique capability to load/unload wafers at any chuck temperatures. Cooling down or heating up to ambient is not required anymore to load or unload a wafer. This saves major down time and increases the overall MPI Test Systems efficiency significantly. Necessary settings are protected by a convenient supervisor log-in procedure.

MPI TS2000-SE - Convenient Wafer Swap at Set Temperatures

MPI TS2000-HP shares the same standard features, such as, thermal chuck integration, Safety Test Management™, automated single wafer loader, vibration isolation, and integrated prober control of the TS2000-SE system.

Feel the Difference

Software Suite SENTIO®

MPI automated engineering probe systems are controlled by a unique and revolutionary, multi-touch operation SENTIO® Software Suite – simple and intuitive operation saves significant training time, the Scroll, Zoom, Move commands mimic modern smart mobile devices and allows everyone to become an expert in just minutes. Switching between the active application and the rest of the APPs is just matter of a simple finger sweep.

For RF applications, there is no need to switch to another software platform – the MPI RF calibration software program QAlibria® is fully integrated with SENTIO® – for ease of use by following a single operational concept methodology.

MPI Prober Control Software Suite SENTIO®