Probe Card Space Transformers

MPI Cobra Probe Card Space Transformer Selection

MPI Cobra Probe Card offering various type space transformer to satisfy your requirement.
HW      ( Hand wired )
MLO    ( Multi Layer Organ )
MLC    ( Multi Layer Polymider Ceramic )
MLOC (Multi Layer Organ with Polymider Ceramic )

Cobra Probe Card Hand Wired Space Transformer (ST) Features:

  • Rapid delivery
  • Universal PCB application for general case
  • Customized PCB design for similar serial case
  • Rapid engineering change

Cobra Probe Card FsHW Space Transformer (ST) Features:

  • Re-layout MLO carrier to smaller pitch C4 pad
  • Better signal transduction with high efficient wire
  • Improve wire broken issue on small pitch C4 pad
  • Rapid maintenance and engineering change
  • Rapid re-layout for similar serial case based on customized substrate

Cobra Probe Card MLO Space Transformer (ST) Features:

  • Packaged substrate application is most closed to final testing performance
  • Customized substrate to satisfy your design specification
  • Customized Multi-Dut substrate design to save your testing time
  • Customized design to match your electrical property requirement of PI/SI , impedance and testing frequency

Cobra Probe Card MLC Space Transformer (ST) Features:

  • Adopt all Packaged substrate and customized substrate advantage
  • Provide higher mechanical strength than MLO
  • More large probing area
  • Higher temperature resistance

Cobra Probe Card MLOC Space Transformer (ST) Features:

  • Packaged substrate array layout keep testing coverage and provide efficient testing performance
  • Precisely redefine C4 position to fit multi testing requirement
  • MLC carrier reinforcement against both Top and Bottom direction force
  • MPI Pegboard solution against probing force to support the ultra thin substrate
  • PI/SI layout design in Carrier layer to improve electrical property

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