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EVS Probe Card

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The EVS Probe Card is an enhancement over the conventional buckling beam probe card. Key features are higher current carrying capacity (C.C.C.) and lower balanced contact force (BCF), as well as overall MEMS-like characteristics. EVS can easily meet the requirement of advanced wafer probing. Precise alignment and excellent planarity control are the key factors contributing to stable contact resistance. With its capacity and performance, EVS Probe Card is an ideal choice for advanced probe cards.

EVS Key Features

  • MEMS-like characteristics
  • Available in both flat and pointed tip
  • Leave smaller probe mark on the DUT
  • Ideal for pitch above 80μm
  • Force 50% lower than conventional buckling beam
  • C.C.C. 40% higher than conventional buckling beam
  • Longer lifetime benefits from longer tip length
  • Compatible with MPI in-house substrates