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MPI Fully Automatic Probe Systems

MPI is offering a variety of fully-automatic test solutions:

Addressing the RF and High Power communication devices and discrete passive components production test market requirements, MPI introduced the TS2500 200 mm fully automatic probe system series. The system is based on industry leading production equipment from the Photonics Automation Division and incorporates decades of experience in RF and High Power measurement techniques from the MPI’s Advanced Semiconductor Test  (AST) Division in combination with other AST products such as RF Probes, related calibration technology, and High Power accessories.

Over the past decade, the semiconductor industry has been challenged with increasing demands for accurate on-wafer measurements for Device Characterization during the Modeling and New Technology Development processes. Current 300 mm solutions compromise on either measurement accuracy or automation capabilities. Overcoming these challenges, MPI now introduces the TS3500 probe station series configurable with unique MPI WaferWallet® making it the most advanced fully-automatic system on the market. The combined capabilities now offer the customer unequaled measurement flexibility with test automation while significantly reducing the overall cost of test. MPI’s WaferWallet® also incorporates simple and convenient handling of multiple wafer types and sizes.

The further development of MPI’s unique WaferWallet® is the WaferWallet®MAX, offering fully-automatic testing capability for TS2000-IFE and TS3500 Series. Sharing the same material handle unit, having cassette scanner and wafer pre-aligner, WaferWallet®MAX 200MM is compatible with 100 or 150 or 200 mm cassettes, where the 300MM version with 150 or 200 or 300 mm FOSB/FOUP cassettes.

MPI Fully Automated Probe Systems

TS2000-IFE Series with WaferWallet®MAX

TS2000-IFE Series with WaferWallet®MAX

TS3500-SE with WaferWallet®

TS3500-SE Equipped with MPI Unique WafferWallet®

TS2500 Series

TS2500 Series